Review of SB-300 bracelet

Fashion for the smartwatch and fitness smart bracelets continues! A journalist of portal decided to look for alternatives to the expensive devices available on the market. Check how came out the test of our flagship model – SB-300!

The article presents the key features and functionality of the SB-300. An attractive price makes the product available for almost everyone. According to the author of the test a shape of the smart bracelet adapts perfectly to both women’s and men’s hand. OLED screen displays the most important data, such as: time, date and battery status. Thanks to a built-in sensors, the product records the daily physical activity, including measures the number of steps, traveled distance, burned calories and the level of intended goal. When you wear the bracelet for a night, you can find out about the stages of your sleep and learn how the best use the time for regeneration. The bracelet wirelessly syncs with smartphones and the dedicated application enables the analysis of the results.

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