Travel charger for Samsung L760 750 mA 11 mm

Travel charger by Forever enables quick and effective mobile phone battery charge. The charger is lightweight, easy to use and made of the highest quality materials. It has small size and long, flexible cable. The product has the necessary security surge and overload protection to ensure complete safety. The product has necessary circuit breaker protection, short circuit protection and overload protection to ensure complete safety.

Input voltage
AC/ DC 100 - 240 V
Intensity of current
750 mA
Length of cable
140 cm
Energy line
Output voltage
DC 5 - 10 V
Type of charger
Type of connector
11 mm (Samsung L760)
Samsung B100, Samsung B130, Samsung B2100 Solid, Samsung B220, Samsung B2700 Solid, Samsung B300, Samsung B3410, Samsung B3410W Ch@t, Samsung B520, Samsung B5722, Samsung C180, Samsung C270, Samsung C3010, Samsung C3050 Stratus, Samsung C3060R, Samsung C3510 Genoa, Samsung C450, Samsung C5010 Squash, Samsung C5130, Samsung C6620, Samsung C6625, Samsung D780 flip, Samsung D880 Duos, Samsung D980, Samsung E1050, Samsung E1052F, Samsung E1055T, Samsung E1070, Samsung E1080, Samsung E1100, Samsung E1105F, Samsung E1107 Crest Solar, Samsung E1120, Samsung E1130B, Samsung E1150, Samsung E1151, Samsung E1170, Samsung E1172, Samsung E1225 Dual Sim Shift, Samsung E1252, Samsung E1310, Samsung E1360, Samsung E210, Samsung E2100B, Samsung E2120, Samsung E2121B, Samsung E2152, Samsung E2210B, Samsung E2230, Samsung E2330, Samsung E2370, Samsung E2510, Samsung E2550 , Samsung E3010, Samsung F110, Samsung F200, Samsung F210, Samsung F250, Samsung F330, Samsung F400, Samsung F480, Samsung F490, Samsung F700, Samsung G400 Soul, Samsung G600, Samsung G800, Samsung i200, Samsung i450, Samsung i550, Samsung i560, Samsung i7110, Samsung i780, Samsung i900 Omnia, Samsung J150, Samsung J200, Samsung J210, Samsung J400, Samsung J630, Samsung J700, Samsung J750, Samsung J770, Samsung J800 Luxe, Samsung L170, Samsung L310, Samsung L600, Samsung L700, Samsung L760, Samsung L770, Samsung L810v Steel, Samsung L870, Samsung M110, Samsung M150, Samsung M200, Samsung M2710 Beat Twist, Samsung M310, Samsung M3200 Beat s, Samsung M3510 Beat b, Samsung M600, Samsung M610, Samsung M8800 Pixon, Samsung P180, Samsung P260, Samsung P520, Samsung P720, Samsung P960, Samsung S3030 Tobi, Samsung S3100, Samsung S3110, Samsung S3310, Samsung S3500, Samsung S3600, Samsung S3650 Corby, Samsung S5010, Samsung S5050, Samsung S5200, Samsung S5230 Star, Samsung S5233T, Samsung S5550 Shark 2, Samsung S7330, Samsung U200, Samsung U800 Soul b, Samsung U900 Soul

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