Sky Soldier Tower Defence drone

Sky Soldier drone with a Tower is a guarantee of great fun! Join the sky battle between the drone and the tower which automatically rotates, shoots and reacts to shooting. The tower is compatible with Sky Soldiers set, thus unlimited drones can participate in the battle.

Additional functions:
– The drone has infrared LED and an infrared receiver, allowing air combat and shooting while flying.
– The tower has 2 operation modes:a) automatic – the tower turns itself and shoots.b) manual – user can take the tower in hand and shoot.
– Thanks to a built-in high power LEDs, the tracking of the drone outside has never been easier.
– Small size and propeller guards allow for a safe flight, even indoors, while is solid design protects the drone from mechanical demage.
– Shot drone makes one of many acrobatics. When one of the drones is shot 4 times, it reduces speed and lands. After a while, it is ready for further combat.
– When the battery of the drone is low, the LED indicator will start flashing
.- 6-axis gyroscope allows for stable flight and 360° rotation, so that all the stunts by the drones will be performed with extreme lightness.
– There are 3 choices of flight speed for beginners and more advanced users.
– Team play available! Unlimited number of Sky Soldiers drones can take part in the battle!

Kit contents:
– drone
– transmitter
– tower
– additional set of 4 propellers
– drone battery and charger
– mounting kit

Charging time
45 min
Max. flight time
up to 6 min
220 mAh Li-Poly 3,7V
4 (+ 4 spare)
140 x 140 x 350 mm
Steering distance
Up to 30 m
2,4 GHz

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