Pixel drone

The Pixel drone is a flying device that is extremely light and small, which allows you to take it almost anywhere! Built-in camera lets you record the flight, while Wi-Fi connection allows image transmission onto your smartphone in real time!

Hovering function
More precise controling of the drone and maintaining a constant altitude, thanks to the built-in pressure sensor.

3 speed levels
There are 3 choices of flight speed for a beginner and the more advanced user.

640×480 video
Built-in camera records video in a resolution of 640×480, Wi-Fi allows recording everything live during a flight.

Auto taking off / Auto landing
Easy and safe taking off and landing without damage of the drone.

Auto – return
After activating the auto return mode, the drone files back to the last safe position, even from over a dozen metres!

Ultra small size
It’s compact size makes easy to fly drone in the room and take it everywhere with you.

Headless mode
Take-off in any directions without the need to place the drone in a specified position.

360° eversion
6 – axis gyroscope allows for stable flight and 360° rotation , so that all dron’s stunts will perform with an extreme lightness.

LED diods
Thanks to a built-in high power LEDs, the tracking of the drone outside has never been easier.

Dedicated application
Control of a dron functions and the ability to view recorded content on mobile devices.

The remote control is convenient in use with a built-in holder for phone / tablet and place for a drone and accessories.

Emergency landing
In a dangerous situation, use a single button and you will be able to completely turn off engines of the drone during the flight.

Acrobation system
Automatic calibration
0,3 mpx VGA 640x480, 30 fps
Charging time
45 min
6-axis with regulation
Image transmission
yes (from buld-in camera
Max. flight time
up to 6 min
3,7 V 150 mAh Li-Po
4 (+ 4 spare)
Remote power
4 × 1,5 V AA
9 × 9 × 3,3 cm
remote controle, phone, tablet
Steering distance
up to 80 m
Streering sensitivity
2,4 GHz

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