Review of sports camera SC-200

“Miniature, handy, durable – this is the sports camera Forever SC-200. In addition to these features, it has one more… check it out, in the review of our sports camera at portal.

Camera SC-200 is extremely handy as its small size makes it ideal for all lovers of traveling and extreme sports. Thanks to its compact size it is possible to capture the most interesting moments during physical activity and “special missions” – as the author of the article points out. The camera records in HD quality (1080p, 1920×1080 px). It has a built-in wide-angle lens, 4x zoom, 1.5 inch display, and a anti-shake function provides the highest quality of videos and photos. Besides these advantages it has the added benefit of including countless accessories that make it possible to attach the sports camera SC-200 almost anywhere!

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