SC-400 sports camera – is small, but radical

“Forever sports camera SC-400 is like a tiny and very light box, but come endless possibilities” – find out what exactly the blogger Nataia Dołżycka of the portal means by saying “endless possibilities”.

The author of the review decided to test our SC-400 sports camera while riding a roller coaster. To make it happen, she went with the accompanying person to chorzów funfair. She noticed that the SC-400 sports camera has several resolutions – from Ultra HD at 25 frames by 2,7K at 30 frames, and ending with 60 frames at 2080p resolution, so cleary the SC-400 offers universal use. It is perfect for both group: the extreme sports enthusiasts and people looking for a variety of outdoor activities. SC-400 perfomored very well during the challenge while the author had quite the experience at the funfair – check it out!

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