VR-500 – driving assistant

“Forever VR-500 is not just a device for recording an image in front of our car. It is also a multifunctional driving assistant, so that driving on polish (and not only) roads will be much safer” – read the recent review on the mobimaniak.pl portal.

More and more drivers are interested in buying a car video recorder, appreciating the advantages of this device. On the market there are hundreds of available models, so which of them is the most worth to buy it? Mobimaniak.pl portal wants to help drivers to make their decision, by posting regular reviews of the car video recorders. The portal also conducted a test of our flagship model – VR-500. “Driving assistant, chipset Ambarella A7, 3D G-sensor, GPS, motion detection mode, the resolution of 2560×1080 megapixels – these are just some of the features, which are indicated by the author of the article.

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