YouTube: Car video recorder

Watch on YouTube how our flagship model car video recorder works! VR-500 – for any road, for any conditions, in any situation.

The car video recorder VR-500 is a must have for every driver, is used for recording the route. Designed with the latest technology guarantees high quality recording at a resolution of 2560×1080 pixels (Super High Definition, 1296p). With a car video recorder you are be able to not only record the most important moments of the trip, but also you can take care of your safety on the road. Using  HDMI output, all recordings can be transferred directly to a computer or TV.  The camera has a G-Sensor, Ambarella A7 chipset and motion detection. Additional the product also has a driving assistant system, that e.g., recognizes sudden change of lane and obstacles on the route and informs about exceeding the speed limit. The ability to play recordings on the computer using dedicated software.