YouTube: Everyone can fly

On Youtube you can watch a short clip promoting our newest drone Vortex! See the world from a bird’s eye view!

Vortex can quickly be streamlined as it is perfectly suited for competitive flight in open spaces. Capture aerial acrobatics using the HD camera enclosed or fix your own using our included sports camera holder.
Drone Vortex has many advanced functions. A flight stabilization system guarantees precise and stable steering in any direction. Using just one button, the drone rotates around itself 360°, while basic maneuvers such as nose-diving or making right or left turns are performed with great ease. A Hovering function enables the drone to hold a constant altitude. You can perform take-off in any direction without the need to place the drone in a specified position. There is also an ability of the drone to return to its starting position after activating the auto return mode, even from over a dozen meters away! The set includes the 2 MP camera with image stabilization and it can record videos in HD (1080×720 px, 30 fps) quality directly onto smartphone memory or a microSD card.