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Car charger 750 mA 10 mm for Samsung D820

The car charger by Forever is a handy accessory for charging your mobile phone in car with the use of car lighter socket. Its compact size will fit everywhere, even in the smallest car compartment. The long, flexible cable makes charging simple and functional. Mounting system used in the charger prevents the charger from slipping out of the car lighter socket. Package: blister.

Input voltage
DC 12/ 24 V
Intensity of current
750 mA
Length of cable
150 cm
Energy line
Output voltage
DC 5 - 10 V
Type of connector
10 mm (Samsung D820)
Samsung A411, Samsung A437, Samsung A711, Samsung C170, Samsung C520, Samsung D520, Samsung D800, Samsung D807, Samsung D820, Samsung D830, Samsung D840, Samsung D900, Samsung D900i, Samsung E200, Samsung E250, Samsung E390, Samsung E420, Samsung E480, Samsung E490, Samsung E500, Samsung E570, Samsung E590, Samsung E690, Samsung E740, Samsung E780, Samsung E790, Samsung E830, Samsung E840, Samsung E870, Samsung E890, Samsung E900, Samsung E950, Samsung F300, Samsung i600, Samsung i607 BlackJack, Samsung J600, Samsung M300, Samsung P300, Samsung P310, Samsung P900, Samsung P910, Samsung P920, Samsung S501i, Samsung S720i, Samsung S730i, Samsung T219, Samsung T629, Samsung U100, Samsung U300, Samsung U600, Samsung U700, Samsung X820, Samsung X830, Samsung Z150, Samsung Z170, Samsung Z230, Samsung Z240, Samsung Z330, Samsung Z350, Samsung Z360, Samsung Z370, Samsung Z400, Samsung Z510, Samsung Z520, Samsung Z540, Samsung Z550, Samsung Z560, Samsung Z600, Samsung Z620, Samsung Z630, Samsung Z650i, Samsung Z710, Samsung Z720, Samsung ZV40, Samsung ZV60

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