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Car charger for LG KG800

The car charger by Forever is a handy accessory for charging your mobile phone in car with the use of car lighter socket. Its compact size will fit everywhere, even in the smallest car compartment. The long, flexible cable makes charging simple and functional. Mounting system used in the charger prevents the charger from slipping out of the car lighter socket. Package: blister.

Input voltage
DC 12/ 24 V
Intensity of current
750 mA
Length of cable
150 cm
Energy line
Output voltage
DC 5 - 10 V
Type of connector
9 mm (LG KG800)
LG GB102, LG GB130, LG GB250, LG GC900 Viewty Smart, LG GM310, LG HB620T, LG KC550, LG KE360, LG KE500, LG KE520, LG KE590, LG KE800, LG KE820, LG KE850 Prada, LG KE970 Shine, LG KF310, LG KF510, LG KF600, LG KF700, LG KF750 Secret, LG KG250, LG KG275, LG KG280, LG KG285, LG KG320, LG KG375, LG KG800, LG KG810, LG KM380, LG KM500, LG KP100, LG KP130, LG KP230, LG KS10, LG KS20, LG KT520, LG KU250, LG KU311, LG KU380, LG KU450, LG KU580, LG KU800, LG KU950, LG KU990 Viewty, LG L600v

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