Forever is a modern and recognizable brand, it covers a wide range of major accessories smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The offer includes car and travel chargers, power banks, car holders, tempered glass and Bluetooth speakers. We separated 7 products lines, for easier identification each in a different color. All products signed by Forever logo combine the reliability and durability, which we managed to get through attention to the selection of the highest quality materials and components.

  • Energy Line

    With products from Energy Line you will forget about the problem of discharged smartphone, tablet or navigation. The offer includes car and travel chargers, batteries, power banks.

  • Music Line

    In Music Line are modern headphones with excellent sound quality and a wide colors from classic black to energizing oranges and reds.

  • Active Line

    Active Line is a series for gadget lovers who can not part with their phone during sports or who want to use of the latest technologies while training.

  • Fun Line

    Fun Line shows that GSM accessories do not have to be boring! Zebra-shaped speakers or headphones – ladybugs are some products from the innovative and extraordinary gadgets.

  • Moto Line

    Products from Moto Line are ideal for people who spend long hours behind the wheel. Accessories increase driving safety, improving comfort and diversifying a long way.

  • Fashion Line

    Fashion Line is everything that exceed accepted standards and follow new paths. Originality and uniqueness are two characteristics products of this series.

  • Accessories Line

    Accessories Line shows that the phone is not all, that accessories matter too. Bluetooth kits, waterproof speakers – a whole series of gadgets enable to play with your phone.